It's only 16 days into the new year and I already have my pet peeves.

1. Why you still wearing wig, shebi you cut your hair.

Err, yes I did, but I also bought wig of over 50, I shall wear them all.

2. Your hands are so small B.
Yes, it’s call midget fingers, let me be.

3. Did you gain weight?

Yes! Yes! When you cut your hair your bum increases and that’s gaining weight. Thank you. (Also, I occasionally over eat and I haven't been working out)

4. Let’s go for yoga.

Guys, when I was begging all of you to join me for yoga, you no gree. Now I’m eating past 9 and not drinking water as much, you want to go for yoga. Let me be.

This is my mood.That wraps it up! See you next week.

Let's Review My 2017 Goals, What Was Done and What are The Plans for 2018.

Let's review the article I wrote last year about my goals for 2017.

All parts of the 2016 article is in italics, my updated comments are not.


Like every new month, a new week and new chapter in my life, I set realistic goals for myself. That's why I'm a big fan of new year resolutions. This year I have set some major goals for myself.

In 2015, my major goal was to finish uni and get a job at cool FM - which I did.

In 2016, It was to finish NYSC, Build relationships, get my first full-time job and develop a saving culture.  - I did.

In 2017:  My career growth, Body & Wellness and my Finances. Career is blossoming, Body is sexy but not fit and Finances are getting by.

We all talked about saving 1k daily to reach a goal of 365k by the end of the year - That didn't happen, I saved and got myself a phone and stopped saving after.

2017 Resolutions -

Body & Wellness - I took my skin seriously, I stopped working out in April, I did Yoga till about …

Things I learnt while Visiting Benin(Cotonou & Porto-Novo)

You know how late at night in Lagos you can taste the pollution from Beatdown cars and landfill dumps? Well I got sick and tired of it and went to a happier and less expensive place

Here are a few things I took away from the trip. 

Lagos is so congested that normal cities feel weird.

There is hardly any traffic because of not enough cars on the road, I wasn’t in traffic and it felt weird. People didn’t randomly play music on the road and there aren’t too many people there. The air was fresh and my mind was at peace.

I Take My money in Dollars, Pounds or Naira:

Money really has no value if it’s not dollars or pounds, each time I had to pay for something it was like playing monopoly.  No offense.

Okada is the New Taxi:

They have maybe 10 taxis in Total. Kekenoir is the taxi and private vehicle. I really went to a club and the parking lot was full of Okada, that’s what the big boys drive. Stress!

Wi-Fi isn’t scarce:

Wi-Fi is a necessary commodity. Tariffs must be really cheap because everyo…

About Having My First Child.

Long time no post, right? 

Since July I have been working a project for a client, this has allowed me to work with different influencers from various niche, spend time drafting copies, attending meetings and just managing the core of a digital campaign.

I went from managing the account to handling social media as well as dealing with vendor payments.

I literally spent the first 4 months of my job focusing on the campaign, and it wasn’t an easy task!

It came to a swift end on Thursday and I have never been so happy to be a part of something that actually happened and changed so many lives. Part of the campaign was a segment where we had to work with entrepreneurs who had a lot to share about their story to grace. This made me come across some very inspiring people who have come such a long way in their various line of work.

I have had to chase money, content and get some really rude comments and good comments from July - November and it finally came to an end.

It felt like I had a newb…

Skin Popping, Weave Popping, and Career Blossoming!

Long time no article. I have had two campaigns running and focusing on the blog hasn’t been a top priority. I’m also taking some google course which has also taken up my time.

This weekend I had some activities and I decided to share. I went for GTB Fashion weekend and spent time with my baby Sis.

The plan was to go with my friend and just shop and watch Fashion shows but that changed when she slyed me for man 😏 men are what?

I ended up going to meet my sister and her friend at the event just so I won’t miss out on all the fun. I was wearing the cutest dress by Zee and I know in my heart I picked the wrong choice of Shoes.

I like how bougie Lagos shows up for fashion shows; nice weaves, interesting hairstyles, pop of color and makeup on fleek. As for the others - I can’t deal with everyone trying too hard with the nasty fur coats and knee-high boots. It stresses me. And sometimes because it's humid in Nigeria, people smell.

I couldn’t shop and I didn’t enjoy the rushing and linin…

Memoirs Of A 21 Year Old Virgin - Something Happened Pt. 2

Hi guys,

For some funny reason, I stopped  writing because I am a lazy writer and  I could not find  my medical report (scan  result)

 Sounds funny right? but it's true, found it now so I can continue my story. So, the scan  I did is Abdominopelvic Sonogram which shows that  Pouch of  Douglas is empty didn’t Google that tho, but the impression of my results says that Polycystic appearing ovaries.

So my Google search  shows: What is the cause of Polycystic appearing ovaries

It means androgen levels in women can prevent the ovaries from releasing an egg (ovulation) during each menstrual cycle and can cause extra hair growth and acne,  also high levels of insulin. Lol still don’t understand it tho but I still have to carry out another test, which I have not done.

Called my Doctor as usual and he tried to enlighten me that its something even doctors dunno why it occurs, so I still have a couple of tests to run.

This just made me learn something in life: we are not guaranteed anything, eve…

Out And About: Photos From My Little Vacay

Hi Boys & Girls,

For those of you who knew about my little trip to the abroad, the post you’ve been waiting for is here.

I’ll only be talking about my first day, there’ll be a post on the second day and the trip to Badagry and one more posts on bae-cations.

The journey out of town was really annoying, the roads are super bad and the environment is very dirty. Once we passed mile 2 it was air pollution, potholes & hawkers.

I finally got to the resort we were to stay & spent got food immediately.

It was a restful day and I got to take some really fine pictures of my S/O. However, he takes the worst pictures of me. But we do share a mutual love for beaches so I guess it's alright.

I really wanted to share more about the trip, but there isn't really much to write.

Kindly enjoy my not so aesthetically photos below: