Living in Lagos - Eating in Lagos: Pearl Garden

So, I was trying to be nice to my vain friend Bidemi today and she decided to be nice too by letting me tag along for lunch with her.

We were heading for crust and cream, when another friend suggested that Chinese would be better.

Ended up at Pearl garden for lunch.

They had a very good reception, food looked affordable (on the menu) and I was feeling the light.

We had shrimp fried rice & chicken sauce with apple juice.

Bill was about 24k (which is ridiculous).

Enjoy some photos of the meal below;

Another Surprise Video: My Favorite Things Right Now

I was doing a light test and decided to talk plenty.

So it became a little vlog session.

Watch the video and tell me what you think:

Living In Lagos: Eating In Lagos - BBQ Cravings

Went out to eat last night and I figured it'll be a nice post on the blog.

So, my thing is to see a blog post in everything. BTW!! I shot a vlog yesterday as well, one day the editor will finish it, till then we wait.

I went to a nice BBQ place in Lekki (4th Round About ) and it was awesome.

It's called BBQ Cravings and I had been following them on Instagram for a while, so it made sense to go there for food.

I order a platter, which I couldn't finish, had to share with my date. They have boards in ever corner and on every wall, so you can sign on the wall and that's something different.

Platter cost about 4,000. There was ribs, chicken, french fries, potato fries, 2 different dips, toast, salad and mashed potatoes.

Affordable and good food. The guy who took my order was very nice and so was the waiter.

I'll definitely be visiting again.

Enjoy the pictures below...

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My Favorite TV Shows

Told y'all I'm back!!!!

I only watch comedy and light drama. At some point, I was hooked on the originals but the phase passed.

So here are some super interesting TV shows I like and I could watch over and over.

The Top 5 are my favorites ever and I do enjoy watching the others.

Gossip Girl 

I watched from High school till Uni days. I still rewatch occasionally. Yes, Blair and Chuck were my favs.


I don't think there's anyone who doesn't like Friends.

How I Met Your Mother 

I watched a whole season in 3 days... watched on my phone, laptop, you name it.

2 Broke Girls 

Pure comedy.


I Don't think I have missed an episode.

Somewhere in between, I really love Selfie - awesome series too. Wish it wasn't cancelled.

I watch all the others at least once every week. Thanks to VUZU AMP.

 Two and a Half Men




 Big bang theory


I missed the 1 year blog anniversary because I was too busy with other stuff.

It's actually not doing as well as I thought it will, but I'm so happy I started.  Now I don't have to procrastinate starting a blog, the issue is now writing articles.

I majorly started the blog so that I can have some sort of online presence and also to keep getting familiar with blogging since I decided to work full time as a writer.

Getting money from the blog was something I thought will be a reality in 6months but I really didn't go about the blog the right way.

It's a good thing I started when I did, that's 1 year of learning how not to do and exactly what I need to do moving forward.

Here are some things I'll start doing more on the blog:

Favorite Things 

Pet peeves 

Relationship Talks

Living in Lagos - Eating in Lagos.

I might just end up doing a proper schedule of when posts go up and all of that. A blog plan. I know I have said it before - the post is right here. But this t…

About My Fitness Journey and Smoothie Obsession

Every time I tell people I'm active they are like what's your routine girl! Spill.

My answer is always, I cook all my meals, replace a meal with a smoothie and participate in different workout challenges.

My Smoothies 

I take smoothies daily, and my major ingredient is Banana. My favourite smoothie has to be Banana and Yoghurt Smoothie.

A close second will be Mango, Cucumber and Banana smoothie.

My Monthly Challenges 

I started with the squats challenge in February and this month I'm all about my abs.

My Daily Routines 

Just 30 mins of exercise daily and I do these routines and any other interesting one I come across. I also stretch daily. 

Living In Lagos: So, I Visited Nike Art Gallery

What's up with me: Smoothies - Abs - Crying - Youtube Videos and Nothing Really.

For a while I have been trying to go to an Art Gallery, I actually thought I had to pay or wait for an exhibition before going.

That isn't the case, I forced my S/O to take me there this Sunday and it was Art Heaven.

They open every day of the week between 10 am - 6 pm and they sure have beautiful pieces. Four floors of Immense Beauty TBH.

This will be more of a picture story because I have a block and I really wanted to share this experience with you. You can't really take photos of the paintings, but you can take a photo with them.

Have a look at the photos below:

Lagos Address

Nike Art Gallery, 
No. 2, Elegushi Road,
3rd Roundabout, Epe Expressway,
Ikate Cross Road, Lekki Phase 1 Peninsula,
Lekki Lagos, NIGERIA.
   +234 80 340 96656
   +234 80 330 36969
   +234 1 270 5964
   +234 1 270 5965