Yass to Career Growth

If you told me 2 years ago I wouldn't be on radio full time I would have argued ... my entire framework has been broadcasting.

I never even thought I'll branch to the agency side of things.

Remember when I said it's a bright future ahead? Well, I was talking about the new job.

I even did TV for a while after the I went into writing & I ended up producing a radio show for 8months and the talent management journey started.

One thing I always enjoyed about everywhere I worked was communication - that's why I'm the voice even, I really like talking to people. So, I always enjoyed that aspect of my job. Moving to the agency side of things has opened my eyes to many things - maybe this is really where I fit - maybe I'll actually stay at a job for over a year & grow and flourish into the career person that I truly want to be.(That I am)

I didn't know the direction of this blog post but I know it's a very relevant one for the blog. I realized that Terragon …

Memoirs Of A 21 Year Old Virgin - I'm back.

I'm now 22... but the title works fine so I'm sticking with it. 

Have I popped the cherry? NO

For no good reason I still have my cherry 'un-popped'.

Maybe there's a reason, might be because I am a Muslim and I am not even extremely devoted but I know a scripture in the Quran says "keep your virginity till marriage, it  is a blessing for your mother and its like buying her paradise in heaven" (not sure if its paradise but I know its a blessing)

To be honest, I really love my parents and I always want to see them happy so its worth the wait.

Also, it could simply be that I am not emotionally ready to start having sex. No one is pressuring me or even encouraging me to have sex. I have heard a lot about sex (very weird read)  and most of my friend are sexually active and happy with their decisions. It might be because they are still with the person who popped their cherry, and that's great too.

I apologize for the long break, but as I said in my …

Here's The Thing About Yoga

I always practiced yoga, but via pop sugar and I was always lazy so I never really got into the practice.

A month ago when I saw a free yoga class on the mainland and decided to join.

Over the last 3 classes I have learnt a lot - massive growth on my part.

I decided at the beginning of July that I'll no longer engage in home exercises and I have been able to follow through.

Here are few things about yoga that totally makes real life easier for me.

Knowing what makes you comfortable

One pose might be hard but there's always a way that you can make it comfortable and stick to it. It's usually just called variations or modifications & that's like compromise in real life. You find your comfort and make it work. Not every time do as I say.

Finding your Stability

My right leg is better off the ground... I really can't stand for longer that 30secs on it alone... but over the last 3classes I can achieve 2mins and then 5mins on the left leg. I now know that one leg is doin…

Bolu, What Happpened?

I'm not even lying, I wrote a post 2-3 nights ago as I was about to copy it to my blog I deleted it... a nice post on girls born in the 90s (They are dangerous).

So, that's not why I haven't posted in a month, it's because I have nothing to post and also no laptop. Well in all fairness Tayo got me her laptop to use and I still didn't write - but I watched Power (counts for something)

I decided that some photos will go with the previous blog post I lost. So, I'll just post them anyways!

I'll try and post every week this month.

Here are some photos of me...

Issa Bright Future Ahead...

No one has volunteered to buy me a laptop yet. I implore you guys to still think about it, I want a mac book air - 2015 model.

So, I have spent time thinking about my life and how great my journey has been since I left Uni. I have not spent a day job hunting, and that's something to be thankful for. Since I'll like to have a full-time career in digital media.

This April, I really tested myself by quit my job with no backup plan, no constant communication with any organization, I just quit and left. Fast forward to the next week, I had over 5 interviews and I only went for 3... I had no job and I was still picky.

April didn't end before I started a new job.

There's also really good news coming guys... can't wait to share!

Either way, July will be so lit as I'm spending so much on my skin, natural hair & diet.

I'm getting thick in preparation for summer - yes we also call it summer in Lagos (Fight me)

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Living in Lagos: Social Painting On The Beach

Hello Boys & Girls,

Long time no post right? I'm not sorry, LOL I sincerely apologize. I don't have laptop at the moment, once I get a new one I'll be more active.

So, I'm still Living in Lagos and trying to explore different fun things to do in Lagos. When I saw a social painting event created on the Truppr app, I was super excited and made sure I would go with my S/O.

The event was organized by Naidrenalin which is basically a adventure club that organizes trips and fun events. It cost about N4,000 person and N7,500 for couples. The event was scheduled for the 29th of April and it was at Tarkwa Bay Beach.

We met up at CMS Ferry and set out around 9am. The day started off with everyone introducing each other and also playing fun board games.
I played Monopoly, other games were scrabble and chess. It was a fun mingle and then the real thing started.

I really wanted to play with lines and have a colorful painting but we had to paint the same thing, which made it mor…

Living in Lagos - Eating in Lagos: Pearl Garden

So, I was trying to be nice to my vain friend Bidemi today and she decided to be nice too by letting me tag along for lunch with her.

We were heading for crust and cream, when another friend suggested that Chinese would be better.

Ended up at Pearl garden for lunch.

They had a very good reception, food looked affordable (on the menu) and I was feeling the light.

We had shrimp fried rice & chicken sauce with apple juice.

Bill was about 24k (which is ridiculous).

Enjoy some photos of the meal below;