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Thursday, 22 December 2016

The Thing About New Year Resolutions

Like every new month, a new week and new chapter in my life, I set realistic goals for myself. That's why I'm a big fan of new year resolutions. This year I have set some major goals for myself.

In 2015, my major goal was to finish uni and get a job at cool FM - which I did.

In 2016, It was to finish NYSC, Build relationships, get my first full-time job and develop a saving culture.  - I did.

This year, I want to set my goals around three major things - My career growth, Body & Wellness and my Finances.

We all talked about saving 1k daily to reach a goal of 365k by the end of the year - That didn't happen, I saved and got myself a phone and stopped saving after.

2017 Resolutions 

Body & Wellness 

I started working out (again) on the 10th of October this year, and I haven't stopped since. Every day no matter how lazy I get I manage to do 20 squats and 10 lunges - just for consistency.

Next year, I want to take fitness more seriously, even if I start from 30mins daily I still want to have a better body than I already do. I have joined some really cool workout challenges so I just might be fully reliant on that next year.

This was my #blackgirlmagic year, moreover, I don't feel like I did anything to make my skin better - so I'll start exfoliating every week, going to the spa once every quarter.


This is "spoil you 2017 " for me, I have decided to use 10% of my monthly income to buy myself something nice till the end of the year.

I have also concluded to save 30k every month to make up for my 1k a day saving I missed this year.

I'll break down my finances into Necessities, Wants and Savings - that's how I plan to take my finance more seriously.

My career growth 

2016 took a different turn for me career wise, never even knew I would make money from writing and here I am. So, I will like to improve my writing skills next year.

I want to take an online course this year to improve my skills. Some of the skills include; better use of CS6, Better Video editing skills and more in that related field.

I'll also like to get a part time segment on a radio show - as that's what I have always wanted to do.

Bonus: I would really like to go on my first vacation next year and that's a bonus goal I'm setting for myself.

I really want a new car this year as well.

I won't be looking for love this year - but if it comes the person must be ready to get married by the next election.

I hope that this motivates you to set realistic and achievable goals for yourself.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Living in Lagos : My First Time Running on Lekki/Ikoyi Bridge

It's a major milestone for every Lagos fitfam to run on the Iconic Lekki/Ikoyi Link bridge. Even Mark Zuckerberg came to Lagos and didn't miss out on running there.

My company holds runs within Lekki at least 2 Saturdays in a month. However, I have always been too busy to join the run/walk.

Last week Saturday I was determined to run/walk on the bridge so I did.

It was a nice and fun run, the ambience is actually really relaxing and I had great company (Danie).

My story is never complete without pictures. My friend really stood in the middle of the road to take some of the great shots of me - don't hate.

 Have a look at the photos below:

I didn't even cover up to 5km, but I did a 4.65km - Close enough.

Smile always - All photo credits go to Danie UK.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Living in Lagos : Filmhouse Cinemas IMAX

It's like I can't stay at home anymore - This is why I'm always broke. Yesterday I was at Imax cinemas with my friends and I must admit it's a really nice place.

Let's review Imax cinemas under 3 different categories - Service , Ambience and Cost.

Read : Living in Lagos : Tarkwa Bay Beach


 There's something for everyone. You can do regular 2D screen, 3D and the ultimate experience. Cost ranges from N1,500 - N3,500 to N10,000. The 10,000 screen is like a lounge and you actually get served high-quality restaurant food. (Must be nice)

I spent a total of N2,500 - movies tickets - N1,500 and got a beef only shawarma for N1,000.


The staff were really nice and the girl who sold my ticket was trying to sell the N10,000 idea to me. Which was great.


The theatre is really pretty , sound system on fleek and the roof isn't leaking like some places (ICM).

I took mad ass pictures at the lounge - so I shall share, have a look at them below;

All photo credits go to Danie and Bidemi

Dress by The Zee Brand

Thursday, 24 November 2016

My Christmas Wishlist

In no particular order, I present to you my Christmas wishlist.

1. Mamicoco --D'appointment set

2. Clear Shoes

3. iPhone 7 matter black / jet black - I know I just got a new phone but it's not bad to want

4. All expense paid trip to a Nice African country (Kenya , Tanzania , Ghana)

5. Nutri bullet smoothie blender

6. Purple running shoes

7. Yoga mat

8. Fur Skirt From 24th styling

9. Fully stocked make up kit

10 . Bag full of cash

11. Spa day

12. Baby curls wig.

13 . New MacBook Air

I start accepting gifts immediately - Thanks.

P.S - List can and will be edited as I like.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Living in Lagos : Tarkwa Bay Beach

LOL! I promised a living in Lagos series and I have done just one post - NO VEX.

The last one I did was about my visit to cafe neo in Yaba - read all about it here

A distant friend (not sure if that's a thing) was having a party and I got invited, it was at Tarkwa Bay Beach and I have always wanted to go there - so seemed like a good idea.

Let's talk about Tarkwa Bay under 3 categories  - Why you should go there, why you need company and how much fun I had.

My boat took off at fiki cruise - opp. law school. It was about 25minutes and it was a fun ride (Saw Otedola's Yacht Mad!! )

Why Should I Go to Tarkwa Bay ?

You should see be eager to leave your house every day, see new places and have a good time. Tarkwa bay isn't just a nice place it's also very affordable.

TIP : Carry your own food and booze.

Why Should You Go With Company ?

I never go anywhere alone, you should go with your friends, family or lovers.  You have to think of who will take your photo and who you will drink fresh coconut water with. I was there with a bunch of people and my friend (Danie)

I had so much fun 

I had a really good time and it was a nice way for me to relax.

I played ball, drank cocktails, had goat meat , took madass photos. If you smoke weed ; you will like to go to that kinda place - #Justsaying

Have a look at my photos below - Can you tell I have been working out ?

Four Favorite Things Right Now

I know that my blog is suffering for almost everything nowadays and I have gotten phone calls about it. I'm sorry that I no longer have time to write on the blog - I will change.

So, My favorite things right now - I wanted to share this for so long , excited!

Read My five favorite things back in August  here 

Here are my favorite things right now :


Guess who is active ?! I used to work out back in uni and now I'm back on that train again. I think I'm really enjoying it because it's on my own terms.

Wig Life 
Yes, thats ripped jeans around my neck

Whoever invented wigs is a genius - what!!!! WIGS ARE LIFE . If you have seen any pictures of me in the past 2months I was probably wearing a wig.

I will do a post about wearing wigs and playing house AKA Visiting a man.

Lumee Case

I joined the lumee case gang a few months ago , I don't exactly love it for bomb selfies (which is a plus). It's because I can use it as a flashlight and I end up using it to get dressed for work when there is no light.


Yes, I really like views by Drake. My favorite songs have to be redemption , fire & desire and with you. Really captures my moods nowadays.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Pet Peeves This Week

Long time no pet peeves - it's not like I'm not angry  or the world hasn't found ways to annoy me, I'm actually just tied up.

So I have been doing a lot with mental wellness and working around mental health. Both for my full-time job and personal research. It's fascinating to me how the human brain works and different mental disorders are out there. There's a lot to learn in this world and it is at your fingertips - read more guys!!

To my pet peeves - read last pet peeves here 

1. NYSC : Err,... How am I supposed to survive without allowee? Please, I need an explanation from the FG.

2. Lagos traffic : There's no formula for the traffic, you can go to the same bus stop 6:30 every day and get different results. I can't deal with that kind of suspense.

3. Poverty : Look who is back on the list this week - no money !!! again .

Where is my salary ?
When will I wear long trousers ?
Why don't I save ?

(My version of "boy on a swing")

That's it. Lol, not so stressed ehn?